Welcome back to the premier industry event on global serialization regulations & guidelines!

November 2017 is right around the corner. With the guideline in the serialization process underway and approaching, it appears as though there are two different categories that pharmaceutical companies currently fall into: those who have and those who have not. While the industry is well aware of the regulatory deadlines in both the United States and across the globe, there are still matters to be clarified.

But what exactly is not clear? One of the biggest concerns is the deployment process and how this will affect current and future products. The Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum will conduct various conversations focusing on the complexities associated with integrating a serialization process at your organization, as well as the possible solution for the impeding issues. Participate in the conversation!

  • Examine current domestic and international regulatory guidelines and looking past the 2019 deadline
  • Collaborate on internal capabilities and future necessities to keep the supply chain functioning seamlessly
  • Deliberate on the proactive approach to working with your partners and what you can do to help the process
  • Assess the downstream of data and how to utilize the data to further patient safety
  • Converse about the necessary steps to take when discussing compliance issues in other countries
  • Develop a cohesive plan on handling returns internally and with your CMO/CPO

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Interactive Sessions


Established pilots aimed to evaluate & improve existing methods for tracing serialized products throughout the supply chain while examining benefits of aggregation

Real Situation Analysis


A brand protection culture within your organization to better secure your patients’ safety against counterfeiting

ISO Technical Committee


You CMO/CPO integration to cut down on delays by creating common standards for serialized product event exchanges and data transfer

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality


Global harmonization by standardizing your operations across borders while remaining ahead of changing international deadlines

Networking Opportunities


Ways to use this vast collection of serialized data to serve your end-user in pursuit of enhanced returns

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