Welcome back to the most interactive industry event on global serialization regulations & guidelines!

Although the 2017 DSCSA deadline will be past us, the challenges surrounding global serialization are still top priority.  Now with FDA enforcement discretion giving another year cushion, there is more time to work out the kinks.  Operationalizing serialization is an ongoing process that needs continual adjustments to account for bottlenecks, validation challenges, data inconsistencies, onboarding new supply chain partners, and more. How can we ultimately reach the 2023 deadline of a fully interoperable system if we cannot work out all the kinks occuring now?  Looking past the US, the looming EU deadline is a top priority that must be considered in your 2018 plans.  

Learning from each other is the key to success.  We must have the hard conversations around inaccurate data transfers, packaging & labeling mistakes, aggregation, and saleable returns, to name a few.  And then we can take things up a notch.....What will 2023 and beyond ultimately look like?  How will new technology like cloud & block chain affect us?  Join us in December to discuss the most pressing topics with top industry experts.  

Our 6th Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum will be the most interactive program to date!  Our agenda is packed to the brim with high-level discussions that allow for a more a candid environment to openly discuss what is next for the industry.  

Join us to:

  •  Hear a crucial update on the EU Falsified Medicines Directive
  •  Streamline your software update & validation challenges post-integration
  •  Debate the various approaches to aggregation
  •  Gain clarification on exception management, saleable returns, and grandfathering
  •  Discuss what an interoperable data system will look like in 2023
  •  Review key industry pilot program results on topics like block chain
  •  How to ensure data integrity & security in a post-serialized global supply chain

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