November 29 - December 1, 2017
Philadelphia, PA

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UniTrace: Safeguard Serialization

Leading brands around the world are faced with complex serialization challenges in response to varied regional legislation. A critical part of compliance is the generation, management, exchange and reporting of serialization data within the ecosystem of trading partners and regulatory bodies.

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Preparing for 2023: Advice from a Top Wholesaler

In advance of the Forum, we spoke with an elite representative from the wholesaler side of pharmaceutical shipping about the plans his company has and the challenges he’s facing. Take these into consideration today for best results 7 years from now.

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Anticipated Attendee Snapshot

Curious about who attended the last forum and the other events apart of Pharma Logistics Week? We have you covered. From companies to job titles, here's a glance at some of the industry experts represented at last year's forum - many of whom you're likely to run into on the show floor this year.

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Serialisation Case Studies: SMEs and CMOs

Pharma IQ spoke with Mark Davison, Chief Executive Officer at Blue Sphere Health Ltd, and Vetter Pharma to gain insight into SME pharma & biotechs for serialization, as well as strategies that CMOs can implement to succeed in serialization.


Expert Insight into Top Pharmaceutical Challenges Surrounding Serialization: Aggregation and CMO Integration

In anticipation of the Pharmaceutical Traceability Forum, we spoke with Matt Sample and Christopher Howell about the top pharmaceutical challenges surrounding Serialization: Aggregation and CMO Integration. Both speakers shared their unique perspectives on the topic and also expressed what they were most excited to learn about at the upcoming event. 

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Pharmaceutical Traceability Speaker EBook

Before you hear from these great speakers at the Forum, read their thoughts on serialization within the life sciences industry. We sat down with speakers from top companies such as AmerisourceBergen, Merck & Co., NC Mutual Wholesale Drug Company and Neurocrine Biosciences, find out what they had to say!


Examining Serialization as a 21st Century Approach to Anti-Counterfeiting

Check out this webinar from Ben Locwin of Healthcare Sciences Advisors! View the video here or email geena.monaco@iqpc.com to receive your copy!

White Papers

Serialization: Driving Business Value Beyond Compliance

As serialization and track-and-trace capabilities go mainstream to meet regulatory compliance mandates, pharmaceuticals companies should simultaneously explore how these tools and techniques can improve supply chain planning and operations, elevate patient and doctor engagement, and increase sales and marketing effectiveness. Whitepaper courtesy of Cognizant.


AmerisourceBergen Corporation Wins HDMA’s Distribution Management Award for Centralizing DSCSA Data and Serialization Compliance

AmerisourceBergen Corporation was named the winner of HDMA’s 2016 Distribution Management Award for centralizing its data for Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliance, as well as to prepare for long-term serialization requirements.

Countering The 'Buyer Win - Supplier Lose' Mind-Set : A Balancing Act

Terrorism, climate change and financial stability are not the only globally-critical areas where there is a huge need for greater co-operation and interaction between independent agencies with common needs and objectives. In a world increasingly characterized by division, alienation and conflict, corporate organisations are being urged to work in a more concerted way towards their common goals. Alan Kennedy looks at the upsides and downsides of closer collaboration in the field of pharma-logistics.

Achieving Scannable GS1 Codes for DSCSA Compliance

Take a look at this exclusive whitepaper put together by VideoJet. Within the paper you will find out more about how the DQSA and DSCSA compliance regulations can impact your overall operation.

Serialization: 2017's Savvy Essential

Find out why the editor of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing says serialization in essential for 2017. Download the article to read her thoughts on the DSCSA's November 2017 deadline and how serialization can help your pharmaceutical company.


DSCSA Serialization and Pilot Programs

Matt Sample, from AmerisourceBergen describes his experiences using DSCSA Serialization and Pilot Programs inside his organization in regards to traceability.

The Hidden Requirements of Enterprise Serialization Systems

Past speaker Scott Pugh, Principal at Jennason, talks about the key functionality, architecture, hosting, and deployment, implementation and validation of enterprise serialization systems in this past presentation.

Proactively Prepare for Aggregation

Kevan McKenzie, Director Serialization Technology at McKesson, cuts to the heart of who, what, and when of aggregation in the US, as well as the matters of customers & inference and saleable returns, in this past presentation.


Tools of the Trace

Past speaker Peter Sturtevant, Sr. Director of Industry Engagement at GS1 US, discusses the tools which will help you achieve and surpass DSCSA compliance, such as the Electronic Product Code Information Service and the Master Data Exchange.